Flamingo Christmas Fat Quarter Flat Stack

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Designer Lauren Lesley reimagines holiday motifs in fun and funny ways in this bright novelty fabric collection. Christmas lights are strung up between palm leaves, holiday florals now feature pops of pink, and flamingos strut around wearing Santa hats. This collection also features fun blenders like abstract stripes and pink leopard print! This season, sew stockings, tree skirts, and DIY garlands to bring these bold tropical vibes to all your holiday décor!

This Flat Fat Stack contains 8 pieces of 18x21" fabric from Flamingo Christmas by Lauren Lesley.

The Flat Fat Stack is a revolutionary approach to the typical fat quarter bundle. All of the prints in the bundle you ordered are provided on a single sheet of fabric. This is a  more sustainable production practice and offers makers unique opportunities to experiment and expand their creative practice.

When you order this bundle, you will receive the new Flat Fat Stack!

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