Wool Pressing Mat

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100% Wool Felt Pressing Mat

Choose the size that works best for your sewing style! 

Sizes that are offered:

8”x8”x1/2” (measures 11.25” diagonally)

10”x10”x1/2” (measures 14” diagonally)

12" x 12"x 1/2" thick (measures 17" diagonally)

15" x 15" x 1/2" thick (measures 21" diagonally)

Using a wool felt pressing mat makes pressing faster and easier than ever! The wool reflects the heat off the iron and presses from both sides. Because the felt is not a hard surface, embroidery or other embellishments do not flatten and seams do not create a ridge.

These wool mats are hand-cut of 100% wool, felted in North America.

They can be used dry or with steam or pressing sprays*, such as Flatter, Best Press or other spray starch and sizing.

They can be used on any moisture-resistant surface as the bottom stays cool (condensation can occur so if used on a wooden surface, be sure the surface under the mat is dried after use).

Set the iron at cotton or wool setting.

Great for travel sewing, workshops or small sewing spaces.

They are hand washable with mild detergent and dry flat.

The mat will become smoother and denser the more you use it!

*the mat is made of wool and may smell 'wooly' when initially used with steam or sprays. The wooly smell subsides quickly with use, or you can mist with a drop of essential oil in distilled water to neutralize it.

Because these mats are made of wool, without dyes or bleaching, there may be color variations, just as there are variations in sheep breeds and individuals.

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